● It’s all about Location
Typically bedrooms generate the most laundry. Why is it that most laundry rooms have traditionally been in the basement? That is usually as far away from the bedroom as you can get. Homeowners and home designers are now often placing laundry rooms closer to the bedrooms, on the second floor of some homes, and in the hall closets of others. Generally, they are near the first bathroom as well. If this is not an option for you, try to find a small first-floor space or maybe a closet that is currently used to store seasonal items such as Christmas decorations or outdoor items.

● Double Down
If both a washer and a dryer of not in the budget, or if you do not have the room, consider just a second dryer. If you have frequent overnight guests, rent a room as an Air BNB, or have a large family, a second washer and dryer can be a worthwhile investment. Newer machines are likely more energy-efficient though they may take longer to complete a wash and dry cycle. Heavy loads like towels can take an hour or more to dry. Having a second dryer can speed up the time by splitting the load. If you have a first-floor master bedroom and additional bedrooms on the second floor or above, separate laundry rooms on the first and second floor make sense.

● Storage, Storage, Storage
When planning storage, think beyond fabric softener and laundry soap. What else can be stored in a laundry room? Walk around your home and think about it and what can be moved there to free up space elsewhere? Vacuums, iron and ironing board, brooms, mops, pet foods, nonperishable food, comforters, extra blankets and pillows, unique cookware, etc.

● Laundromat touches
Visit a local laundromat and think about what you can incorporate into your space. A spacious countertop for folding clothes is on top of the list. Think outside the washer and dryer. A deep sink for hand washing delicate items would be helpful. A pet washing table might be an addition that makes sense. How about a TV so you can watch your favorite show while ironing or folding clothes.

● Looks do Matter
A laundry room may never be considered pretty, but no rule says it has to be ugly either. If a bit of thought is put into making it more attractive from the get-go, then maybe, just maybe, you wouldn’t mind going to the laundry room as much as you do now.