It seems like every summer, and then again, a Christmas time, new and improved kitchen and barbeque gadgets are introduced.  Most of them are probably useless to the average person.  Here are but a few examples.  Pass on buying these gadgets and you could save anywhere between $25.75 and more than $2,500.00.

Meat Claws

Pretending that you are the Wolverine, or a hungry Grizzly are best left for Halloween than the dinner table.  Unless you are smoking meat like a whole pig or brisket on a regular basis (ie. as a profession) then two forks will work just as well, and it will save you between $10.00 and $30.00.

Electric Can Opener

There are people that need appliances to assist them.  For individuals that severe arthritis, a missing limb, or some other issue to address and electric can opener can be very useful. For most however it is a waste of hard-earned money in the range of $7.00 to $76.00.  For professional application I found one advertised online for $1,559.00

Pie Bird

Pie birds, which are used to vent steam from pies, are usually very pretty.  They cost between $3.75 for a new one and $499.00 for a vintage one.  Why pay good money to vent a pie when using a lattice top, and simply cutting some vent holes in the top crust work just as well.

Microwave Smores Maker

What fun it is to sit around an open fire, toast a marshmallow, place it on a piece of a chocolate bar, and sandwich it between two graham crackers.  Want to strip the fun away?  If so then get a Microwave Smores Maker and for between $5.00 and $499.03 (plus delivery) you too can suck all the fun out of a family pastime.