Let’s chat about the wonderful benefits of having houseplants.

  1. Breathing Easier: Did you know that your body inhales oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide, while plants do the opposite during photosynthesis? It’s like a natural partnership! At night, most plants switch things up, but orchids, succulents, and epiphytic bromeliads continue to release oxygen. These are great choices for bedroom plants, as they freshen the air while you sleep.
  2. Releasing Water: When plants photosynthesize, they release moisture vapor, which increases the humidity around them. About 97% of the water they take in is released into the atmosphere. Grouping several plants together can boost the humidity in a room, which helps alleviate respiratory issues. The Agricultural University of Norway found that using indoor plants reduces the occurrence of sore throats, dry skin, colds, and dry coughs.
  3. Purifying Air: Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) lurk in our surroundings. These include substances like benzene and trichloroethylene, commonly found in man-made fibers, inks, solvents, and paint. Benzene, often present in libraries and study areas with lots of printed materials, can be a concern. Fear not! Plants act as natural air purifiers, removing up to 87% of toxins from the air within 24 hours, as per NASA research.
  4. Improving Health: Kansas State University has… Well, it seems my green thumb got a bit too excited and left this point hanging! But hey, we’ve covered some fantastic benefits already. So, go ahead and embrace those leafy companions—they’re doing wonders for your well-being!

Remember, your indoor jungle isn’t just decor; it’s a health boost!


Photo by Katya Ross on Unsplash