Hey there, looking for a cool summer treat to beat the heat? How about some delicious and healthy frozen banana popsicles? They’re super easy to make, and the best part is they’re made with all-natural ingredients, so no guilt here!


The recipe is a breeze, with only four ingredients – ripe bananas, milk (you can go with cow’s milk or any nut milk you like), a touch of honey (if you want it a bit sweeter), and a dash of pure vanilla extract for that awesome flavor kick.


Here’s the deal: just peel those bananas, throw them in a blender, add the milk, honey, and vanilla, and blend it all up until it’s smooth and creamy. Then, pour the mix into popsicle molds, pop in the sticks, and let them chill in the freezer for at least four hours (or overnight) until they’re frozen solid.

Alright, let’s jazz up those banana popsicles with some mouthwatering flavor variations! Get ready for a taste explosion!


First up, we’ve got the Chocolate Banana flavor. To make this chocolaty delight, simply toss a tablespoon of cocoa powder into the blender or mix in chocolate syrup to your liking. Mmm, who doesn’t love a classic chocolate and banana combo?


Next, we’re going fruity with the Berry Banana option. Grab a half cup of strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries, and toss them into the blender. Blend it all together, and you have a berrylicious twist on the original.


For a tropical twist, say hello to the Pineapple Banana variation. Throw in a few chunks of fresh or canned pineapple into the mix. It’s like a mini vacation in every bite!


If you’re a fan of mangoes or peaches, we’ve got something special for you. Meet the Mango (or Peach) Banana popsicle. Simply dice up half a cup of mango or peaches and blend them with the bananas. Yum!


Now, let’s talk about the Banana Maple flavor. Skip the vanilla this time and substitute it with half a teaspoon of maple extract. And instead of honey, drizzle some delicious maple syrup into the blender. It’s a maple-infused dream come true!


Are you feeling zesty? Try the Banana Lemon popsicle. Swap out the vanilla for half a teaspoon of lemon extract, and you’ll get a burst of citrusy goodness in every lick.


And for an extra magical touch, we’ve got the Orange Creamsicle Magic Shell. After your banana popsicles are frozen and ready, dip them into this fabulous magic shell! You’ll find the recipe card below to make it.

Note:  If you do not have popsicle molds, you can use disposable cups, yogurt containers, etc. Cover the containers with foil after adding the popsicle mix. Insert a popsicle stick through the foil, keeping the stick straight while freezing.


So, there you have it, a bunch of awesome flavor variations to take your banana popsicle game to the next level. Experiment with different combinations and find your perfect summer treat! Enjoy! 🍌🍫🍓🍍🥭🍁🍋🍊✨

These homemade banana popsicles are not only a hit with kids but also a wallet-friendly and healthier alternative to store-bought pops. So, if you’re in the mood for a tasty and refreshing treat, give these banana popsicles a shot. Enjoy the summer vibes! 🍌🍫🍓🍍🥭🍁🍋🍊✨

Photo by Taylor Heery on Unsplash